Kinglet is a B2B real estate sharing platform for commercial real estate—similar to WeWork and Airbnb. I was hired as a contract UI and visual designer to work with the founders and the director of product to solve the UX/UI challenges and to improve the platform visually overall.

My biggest contribution during my contract period was to design the UI of the dashboard. Together with the director of product, we identified what data needed to be easily accessible, not only from a task completion standpoint, but from a marketing standpoint in order to motivate the user to take certain actions. So in addition to controls for renting and browsing available spaces, users are given recommendations and tools to make better decisions or rent out their own spaces.

Our process started with wireframes developed by the director of product which were then handed-off to me. I then developed a UI style kit and library based off the existing brand guidelines. I then applied that style kit to the wireframes and delivered high-fidelity comps to the Kinglet development team.

In the summer of 2018, I was approached by the design team to contribute illustrations for a planned outdoor exhibit for Artscape- which is the largest free arts festival in the US attracting over 350,000 attendees.