Wheel haus

A personal app design project to solve the challenges of bike rentals in high-density urban areas. My goal was to leverage existing tech, such as NFC and wearables, to streamline the bike rental process.

The first step of my design process was to research the existing bike rental apps to see where they fall short from a UX standpoint. Through my research I found that most bike rental apps throw the user directly into a map screen with no clear way to accomplish the one thing they need to do: rent a bike.

My UX solution therefore became a simpler approach than existing apps. Instead of being presented with a map, they are presented with 3 simple options for what bikes they can rent.

I then use NFC to create a 1:1 relation between the bike the user wants, and the bikes that are available at nearby stations. Each City Ride bike would have an RFID chip to enable the user to rent specific bikes, and put them on hold for pick up.

Once the bike is selected, the user can use the map view to orient themselves to the nearest station, reserve at that station, and then pick up. When the user is in range of the station a notification is pushed to their wearable or phone that their bike is unlocked and ready to go.